Thanks to the amazing David who was able to send us screencaptures of Jennifer from Thursday night’s episode of 9-11!

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Mar 12, 2024   admin   Gallery Updates, Public Appearances

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since Jennifer attended any public event? Last night, Jennifer with the rest of cast including Angela Basset stepped out for the ABC Season 7 Premiere Event. I’m so glad that the series has moved to ABC because hopefully we’ll get more appearances of Jennifer!

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Mar 08, 2024   admin   Site News

After a year of having the same layout, we finally have a brand new look thanks to the incredible Claudia. Sadly, with this look we had to use an older shoot as Jennifer hasn’t done any new photoshoots in such a long time. I’m really loving the new look and it was finally time for new category icons in the gallery!

Mar 01, 2024   admin   9-1-1, Gallery Updates, Project News, TV Projects

We are just a few weeks away from the season premiere of 9-1-1 this time on a new network (ABC) and I managed to add stills and promotional material from the newest season.

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Feb 21, 2024   admin   Jennifer

We here at Jennifer Love Hewitt Source, your longest source for Jennifer Love Hewitt on the web since 2019, would like to wish Ms. Love Hewitt a happy and healthy 45(!) birthday. Wait, how is she 45 when she looks like she’s still looks so young?! I can’t believe I’ve had this site on her since 2019 and has been in the works as early as my dialup days in 2007 but we can’t wait for her upcoming projects which include (hopefully) I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot with Freddie Prinze and her return to 9-1-1 on ABC starting March 14th!

What way to end the year with a previous movie of Jennifer’s that we don’t have in the gallery. I’ve managed to add over 2,000 HD screencaptures of CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIOPATHIC SOCIAL CLIMBER.

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