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I’ve managed to add the rest of season 5 into the gallery. It’s so great to see Jennifer back on TV and I’m excited to announce that it has been picked up for a season six! I’m glad to see Maddie back at the call center and can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the new season!

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In Hollywood, there are a lot of actors who seem to be all about the glitz and glamor. For example, some stars always seem to show up on lists of the best dressed since they have a whole team of prepare who make sure that they look perfect whenever they go out. On the other hand, even though Jennifer Love Hewitt always looks fantastic when she is at a major event, there is something about her that has always made her seem like a regular person.

Since she has never seemed like she takes herself overly seriously, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been the perfect person to expose the problem with Hollywood. Amazingly enough, Love Hewitt’s husband also exposed a problem with society when he tried to protect her at one point but in doing so, he almost became a criminal.

Who is Brian Hallisay?

Because Jennifer Love Hewitt has been famous since she was quite young, she has taken part in countless interviews during her life. Depending on the nature of the questions she has been asked, Hewitt’s interviews have varied between being amusing and revealing. However, no matter what kind of questions she has been asked, one thing has remained constant about Hewitt’s interview, she comes across as a caring person that people would enjoy being around.

Due to the way that people have always perceived Jennifer Love Hewitt, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she has dated several notable people over the years. For example, Love Hewitt has been linked to Alec Baldwin, Fred Savage, Joey Lawrence, Will Friedle, Carson Daly, Andrew Keegan, John Mayer, John Cusack, and Jamie Kennedy among others. Despite all the famous people that have been on Hewitt’s arm, she wound up marrying someone a lot less known.

Before he married Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2013, Brian Hallisay was her co-worker as he had a starring role in her drama series The Client List. Since then, Hallisay went on to have notable roles in shows like Revenge and 9-1-1. Hallisay also has shown up in a handful of films during his career including Hostel: Part III and American Sniper.

How Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Husband Almost Became a Criminal?

No matter how much everyone wants to find it, love can be far too elusive in life. As a result, when people find someone to love, whether that means romantically or otherwise, wanting to protect them is only natural. In 2013, Brian Hallisay and his soon-to-be wife at the time Jennifer Love Hewitt were out together one night when he suddenly felt the need to protect the woman he loved.

According to TMZ, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay were out for dinner only to discover that a paparazzo was waiting for them when they left the restaurant. Of course, anyone should be able to understand that suddenly having a cameraman rush up to them and take photos without permission could be very upsetting. As a result, it makes sense that Hallisay asked the paparazzo to leave him and his fiancée alone. Over the years, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been willing to admit that she hated being famous at times in her life. Despite that, she has a history of dealing with the paparazzi in the best ways possible. For example, when a paparazzo was taking pictures of her at a birthday party, Love Hewitt laughed and held up a paper where she wrote something advertising The Client List. When Brian Hallisay saw a paparazzo bothering Love Hewitt in 2013, however, he clearly wanted to protect her and decided to handle things very differently.

Once the paparazzo who was snapping photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt without permission refused to stop, things got physical when Brian Hallisay attempted to force him to leave. In the resulting scuffle, the cameraman claims he was hit in the face near his eye with his camera. Evidently mortified by the situation, Love Hewitt intervened and gave the paparazzo permission to take photos of her in an attempt to make things right.

Even though Jennifer Love Hewitt tried to calm things down, Brian Hallisay’s incident with a paparazzo still had consequences. The reason for that is that the paparazzo reported the incident to the police and an investigation into Hallisay’s actions was opened. Fortunately for him, even though the paparazzo was willing to press charges against Hallisay, he never suffered any legal consequences. On top of not getting into any legal trouble for the incident with the paparazzo, Brian Hallisay’s personal life didn’t seem to miss a beat either. After all, Hallisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt went on to get married and they even have three children together as of the time of this writing.

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Well this is the end of Maddie and Chimney. Not sure if they will get back together but here is hoping this does happen. Last night’s episode was wild and I can’t wait to see what 9-1-1 has in store for us the rest of the season with Maddie!

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Jennifer is finally back in full swing on our screens and we couldn’t be happier. I’ve managed to add over 800+ HD screencaptures including the PSA that followed at the end where Jennifer talks about postpartum depression and access to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is back on 9-1-1 — but Maddie is definitely still struggling.

In Hewitt’s last episode, which aired in October 2021, Maddie was struggling with being a new mom and dropped off her and Chimney’s (Kenneth Choi) baby at the fire station — and left town. Not long after, Chimney packed up his car and the baby and set out to find her.

Alas, in next week’s episode, titled “Boston,” he finds her. 

“Maddie’s return to the show will not disappoint,” Hewitt says in an exclusive sneak peek. “In this first episode when Maddie’s back, you will get the answers that you want: why she left, why she stayed away, where she’s been, what she’s been up to.”

We also see Maddie crying and confiding in someone: “Since having her I didn’t know what was wrong with me, so I guess now there’s an answer.”

One reason for Maddie’s extended absence on the show was the birth of Hewitt’s son Aidan James, her third child with husband Brian Hallisay, in September. (They are also parents to daughter Autumn James, 8, and son Atticus James, 6.)

Upon her return, Hewitt says she felt an added connection to Maddie.

“I was really impressed and excited that the show decided to go very deep into postpartum depression,” she says in the video. “I think it’s super important. I definitely personally had my worst postpartum after this pregnancy, so to come back so soon after that and be able to give those real things to Maddie has been very cathartic for me and really nice to be able to represent that for all the women out there.”

Shortly after Aiden’s birth, Hewitt opened up on social media about her need to take time for a “reset.”

“Self care, moments to breathe and feel yourself again. Even in small ways. So important,” she wrote. “I am also starting at least a week maybe two away from social media tomm. I need to reset. I need to take my scrolling time and make it active time. Workouts, breathing, manifesting, time with my kids and husband.”

She continued by admitting social media “makes me feel bad sometimes,” causing her to feel “like I’m not enough. Doing enough. Getting my body back fast enough. Giving enough. All of it. I only share this for that one person or maybe more today who need time. Just for them. And need to know it’s okay to take it. And in fact the taking of that time will make everything better. I promise. Sending love!”

Speaking of love, it’s clear Hewitt doesn’t feel all hope is lost for Maddie and Chimney as a couple. 

“I don’t know what’s going to happen but I do know that their love is the real kind,” she says in the clip. “They’ve been through a lot, Chimney’s been through a lot as a person, Maddie’s been through a lot as a person.”

She adds: “I ultimately think that they will find their way, but it just may take some time.”

9-1-1 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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Chimney is determined to find a missing Maddie amongst the chaos of St. Patrick’s Day.

Sadly, last night episode didn’t involve Maddie, but next week will. The preview for next week’s episode seems to be Maddie driven so we will find out what happen to Maddie while Jennifer was on maternity leave. Welcome back Jennifer!